The Gospel of Mark – Free online Bible comics

In some parts of the world you can be tortured, imprisoned or killed for having a Bible. So this is why I made this free online Bible comics website, so that people can look at this without the authorities knowing. Just ask God to forgive your sins and receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour, then get baptized. When I was in Galilee, many years ago, I felt so close to Jesus, and I wanted to try and express that feeling to others. Hence this illustrated version of the Gospel of Mark from the Bible. I have done it in my own version. I look through lots of versions, and sometimes into the Greek Interlinear and Strong’s Concordance, to try and find the right meaning. I am living in North America, so I am using the Great Lakes photos as my Galilee. I hope it is a blessing to you, and draws you closer to Jesus. God bless, DGF.

I have another website that you might find interesting called: ‘Country Gospel and Bible.’